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Trainee Classes

What are Trainee Classes? 

Your favorite  Pilates instructors all started out as Trainees!  Aspyn Method is proud to offer the opportunity to give our trainees the hands on group class experience required to complete their certification program. We ask that when coming to class you arrive understanding that these classes are priced with the expectation that they are not always going to be perfect.

How to Prepare:

  • Trainee classes are meant for healthy individuals with no special conditions or injuries.

  • If you arrive with any injuries or special conditions you will be excused from the class.

  • Grip socks are required to attend all Reformer classes at Aspyn Method. We have grip socks in the studio to purchase for $16.

What is Aspyn Method's Training Program?

Aspyn Method offers a 500 hour Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training program for motivated individuals who would like to pursue either a career in Pilates or expand their knowledge and skill in the Pilates Method. For more information click the "Teacher Training"  tab in our menu.

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