Meet The Team

Anita Lugliani

Studio Owner



 Anita Grew up in Sweden,and as she would tell you: it means you’re practically outdoors year around, staying active is second nature along with eating healthy and balanced. After working in the Airlines as a flight attendant along with birthing  four children she developed a few injuries in her neck as well as her upper back. She often suffered from Migraines, neck and back pain. She was  introduced to Pilates 16 years ago by a physical therapist she knew she had found her true passion, her body responded so well that her chronic pain went away, her back straightened itself out and she today has a better posture than she did in her 20’s. After seeing the results and loving Pilates, she got certified as a Third generation traditional Pilates Instructor as well as an Integrative  Nutritional Health Coach and to top it off she recently got certified to teach Barre as well.


Being a South Bay local, Alexandra is all to familiar with the endless options for fitness in the area. She started her fitness journey 9 years ago when she took her first Pilates and Barre classes. Since then she has received her certifications in both Classical Pilates and Barre. Over the last few years she has had clients come in with severe sciatica, scoliosis, spinal fusion surgery, double knee replacements, herniated discs, chronic pain & fatigue, pinched nerves, degenerative disc disorder, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, lupus, and arthritis. Through Pilates they have been able to achieve some pretty amazing things whether it be minimizing the symptoms, rehabilitation, and even in some cases full remission. Alexandra loves to create classes that provide the perfect balance between classical and contemporary methods, safely challenging and motivating  all clients to achieve their goals.




Yoga Instructor

I found a love for movement at a very young age, originally through dance and figure skating. My love for fitness quickly expanded into an interest in health and wellness! Which inevitably brought me to yoga and it was love at first sight. Through yoga, I discovered a love for myself that I never believed I could achieve. My goal through teaching is to inspire and impact others the way my first yoga class did. I want to help people find an outlet for the struggles we face in life and show them that the best way to do that is to look inward and learn to start loving yourself. That is what this practice has done for me, why I have fallen so hard for it, and why I want to teach it to others.

Alexandra Lugliani

Studio Owner


Pilates/Cardio Sculpt/Step Aerobics

Kim Rice


Cardio Barre

Kim's barre fitness career began when she attended her first barre class over 8 years ago and fell in love with the workout. After 3 years as a dedicated (some might say obsessed) client, she decided to turn her passion for barre into a career and became a certified barre instructor. Over the past 5 years, she's taught for Cardio Barre, EverBarre, Barre Hub, and Ohana Dance. When she's not at the barre, Kim enjoys tennis and a glass of wine with friends.



Gracie Lincoln



At 13 years old Gracie fell in love with Pilates, and has been training with the best ever since. She recently obtained her 500hr comprehensive Pilates training certification. Gracie has always lived an active lifestyle, playing sports all her life. Her favorite sport is volleyball and she has played competitive outdoor and indoor volleyball since she was eight! Not only is she a Pilates instructor, but she is also soon to be graduating from Cal State Long Beach with a Bachelors in Marketing, which is why she is also Tribe•LA’s social media manager! We know you'll love her classes as much as we do!

Jane head shot.jpg

Jane Green

Pilates/Cardio Sculpt

Jane's had a love for movement from a very young age. She grew up as a competitive dancer and later went on to dance for the UCLA dance team. Since graduating, Jane received a certification in high-intensity Pilates and began teaching reformer classes and dance cardio classes in the South Bay. She is also a holistic health coach and loves to spend her time researching and serving her clients with all of their movement, nutrition, and mindset needs. 


Cory London

Pilates Instructor

Twenty one years ago I was on a flight reading a vogue magazine and kept reading  about this thing called “puh-la-tes”. I was super intrigued & found a Pilates studio in Atlanta Georgia where I was living. From the moment I stepped in, I knew this was for me. I became a studio regular & became the desk manager so I could immerse myself into it. I was so hooked I decided to train to become an instructor. I went through training of the classical method and went on to teach for seven years. I took a break when I moved to CA in 2012. I always knew I’d get back to teaching and when the pandemic hit in 2020, I recommitted myself to teaching and got recertified in fitness based Pilates. I absolutely love how Pilates balances the mind, body & soul. I love how it is literally for anyone and I am passionate about sharing this method with my clients. Outside of teaching Pilates I’m passionate about music, health/nutrition & fashion where I’ve spent the majority of my career. I’m a wife, mother of girls & a sweet frenchie. I believe in living a balanced healthy lifestyle & radiating positivity.

Nancy Bell

Our. fearless step instrutcor