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Meet The Team

Woman doing a Plank on a Pilates Reformer

Anita Lugliani

Studio Owner 

Pilates, Barre, Nutritonist

 Anita Grew up in Sweden,and as she would tell you: it means you’re practically outdoors year around, staying active is second nature along with eating healthy and balanced. After working in the Airlines as a flight attendant along with birthing  four children she developed a few injuries in her neck as well as her upper back. She often suffered from Migraines, neck and back pain. She was  introduced to Pilates 16 years ago by a physical therapist she knew she had found her true passion, her body responded so well that her chronic pain went away, her back straightened itself out and she today has a better posture than she did in her 20’s. After seeing the results and loving Pilates, she got certified as a Third generation traditional Pilates Instructor as well as an Integrative  Nutritional Health Coach and to top it off she single handedly won 2021's South Bay's Best Barre Studio!

Team member and Pilates Instructor posing for photo

Marina Lugliani



unnamed copy_edited.png

Katrina Gloriani



Hey, I'm Katrina and I teach on Wednesday evenings! I love pilates because of how it makes me feel - it's a great way to de-stress from how busy work and life can get. I became an instructor because I wanted to show my family and friends the amazing benefits of pilates. Outside of pilates, I spend my time working as a woman in tech, walking my two french bulldogs on The Strand, and traveling the world! 


Jocelyn Cohen



Jocelyn stumbled upon the wonders of Pilates back in 2014 while seeking a remedy to counteract the effects of long days sitting behind a desk. Since embracing Pilates, she's discovered a whole new level of strength, both mentally and physically. Jocelyn is passionate about guiding clients toward their fitness goals and prioritizes core, alignment, and killer strength moves in her classes. Outside the studio, Jocelyn works as a mental health therapist. She loves bringing elements of the mind-body connection into her teaching as she believes a calm mind and a strong body are the ultimate combo for living your best life!

Woman with brown hair, wearing black fitness clothing is exercising on a Pilates Reformer

Alexandra Martin

Studio Owner 

Pilates, Cardio Sculpt, Step Aerobics

Pilates Teacher Training Director

Being a South Bay local, Alexandra is all to familiar with the endless options for fitness in the area. She started her fitness journey 12 years ago when she took her first Pilates and Barre classes. Since then she has received her certification in both Classical & Contemporary Pilates.  Over the course of 7 years she has had clients come in with severe sciatica, scoliosis, spinal fusion surgery, double knee replacements, herniated discs, chronic pain & fatigue, pinched nerves, degenerative disc disorder, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, lupus, and arthritis. Through Pilates they have been able to achieve some pretty amazing things whether it be minimizing the symptoms, rehabilitation, and even in some cases full remission. Alexandra loves to create classes that provide the perfect balance between classical and contemporary methods, safely challenging and motivating  all clients to achieve their goals. She is the creator and director of Aspyn Method's Pilates Teacher Training Program.


Kristy Ulley



As Joseph Pilates said, “Change happens through movement, and movement heals”!

It’s been a pleasure teaching at Aspyn Method for the past year.  Our clients are AMAZING!

I started my Pilates journey 9 years ago to help with chronic pain.  It was the BEST advice I’ve ever received from a doctor.  Pilates has kept me going physically and is my go-to whole health and wellness medicine.  Outside of the studio, I have worked for the past 16 years at the Department of Veteran Affairs as a Vision Rehabilitation Specialist. My graduate degree is in Special Education with an emphasis in Visual Impairment and Blindness. Rehab and teaching are definitely my passions.  In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, traveling, all things wine, and the company of family and friends.


Taylor Todd



Hello! Hailing from the heart of Southern California, my journey into the world of fitness began through competitive volleyball, both indoors and on the beach. Recognizing the importance of injury prevention and holistic wellness, I turned to Pilates during my conditioning phases, discovering its transformative power firsthand. Since 2016, I've been dedicated to the practice, finding strength, balance, and resilience through each session. With an MBA under my belt and a career in international trade, I understand the demands of a busy lifestyle, making Pilates an essential cornerstone of my routine. Outside the studio, I find joy in cruising on my motorcycle and unwinding with leisurely walks alongside my dog, Koda. 

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