Yoga Child's Pose


Yoga Essentials: Whether you have always wanted to try yoga or are just getting back into it, this back to basics yoga class is the perfect place to start. We will focus on alignment and muscle activation allowing you to spend more time in each individual posture, so that you can deepen your practice. Introducing you to the "essentials" of a yoga practice such as breath work, how to listen and modify for your body, and what the hell a vinyasa is.

Vinyasa All Levels: This All Levels Yoga Class will challenge you physically and mentally in the best possible ways! No matter where you are at in your Yoga practice, your instructor will safley guide you through postures that are meant for your body. After class you will feel refreshed, inspired!

Yoga Stretch and Restore:

Feeling Stiff, Sore or Achy? This is the class for you! In this Yoga class you will focus on deep opening floor postures allowing you to melt onto the mat and quite literally stretch and restore. We will utilizes series of props to allow you to find the perfect amount of intensity during each stretch.

All bodies are different and the goal of this class is to focus and find each clients sweet spot for each shape and position explored in class. 

Prepare to relax and refresh your mind and body.