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We cant wait to welcome you back! But first...

Please read the following protocols carefully before returning to the studio:

Please note that the below are initial plans. Things change and evolve, day by day. More information on classes and additional procedures will be decided and communicated as we continue to evaluate the circumstances on a daily basis.


  • All clients will be required to enter through the main entrance door and exit through the Barre room door.

  • Clients will need to wait outside until 5-10 minutes before your class begins. There will be designated standing area with stickers spaced 6ft apart on the side walk outside.

  • A temperature check for clients and instructors will be done upon arrival before entry. Clients with a temp of 100 degrees fahrenheit or higher will not be admitted into the studio.

  • Note that if you have come in contact with someone who is now sick that we will ask you to not attend class. Clients will be expected to self-quarantine for 2 weeks after vacations/travel before coming in to the studio.

  • Clients will not be allowed to gather and sit by the cubbies before or after class.


  • ASPYN METHOD will be facilitating a deep clean during the 30 minute break between classes going over the entire space and every single piece of equipment touched. For the duration that these policies stay in effect clients will be asked not to clean their own equipment.

  • Clients and instructors must wash hands/use hand sanitizer upon arrival and departure. Instructors will continue to clean hands after every session.

  • Only one client at a time will be allowed at the cubbies  to maintain social distancing.

  • Face masks and GLOVES are required at all times in the studio. The studio has a limited number of ’Tribe.LA’ reusable athletic tri blend masks for sale at $10, and free single use masks. We will be providing gloves for purchase a $1/pair.

  • Do not attend class if you are feeling sick or have any flu/Covid like symptoms.

  • As always grip socks are required for all classes.

  • GRIP PADS will be temporarily removed from each machine, the studio has grip towels for purchase/pre-order at $65/mat.

  • All Reformer straps are being fitted with new removable vinyl covers to allow for proper cleaning between each use.



  • We will be starting with a limited schedule to help ease into the new protocols required of us by the state. additional classes will be added as things progress.

  • . All Reformers, and Mats will be 6-8 feet apart.

  • Class sizes will be maxed out at 5 people

  • Until further notice there will be a 30 minute window between group classes to properly clean, allow current clients to gather their belongings, and leave before the next group arrives.

  • Please do not arrive outside the front door more than 10 minutes before your class time to allow this window of separation to occur.

Late Policy / Cancellation:

  • Due to the nature of our check in process Clients who arrive more than 5 minutes after class start time will not be allowed to attend. Doors will be locked

  • Due to the limited class times the studio will be implementing a 24 hour late cancellation policy. However, if you late cancel due to illness you will not be charged for that session. Clients who report Covid/flu like symptoms will be expected to not return to the studio for 14 days. No exceptions. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these uncertain times.

See you in the studio!

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