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Specialty Clinics

Aspyn Method is proud to offer continuing education and specialty clinics for Pilates trainees and instructors who want to dive deeper into their Pilates practice!  Each In-person and virtual clinic is created and lead by Aspyn Method's Teacher Training Director Alexandra Lugliani. You will learn a routine of movements with modifications and gain an in depth understanding of each clinic concept that you can apply to your Pilates career.


2023 Clinics: Prenatal Pilates on the Reformer (with modifications for group class instruction), Jumpboard, Tower, Stretch and Restore on the Reformer + Rollers, Reformer/Barre.

In-Person and Virtual Clinics: Each clinic is hosted at Aspyn Method's studio location for in-person instruction. After the completion of the clinic a virtual version will be made available for purchase.

Dates&Duration: Dates for each clinic are provided below. Each clinic varies from 4 hours to 2 days.

Materials: In-person Clinics: We provide booklets, virtual logins, all Pilates equipment and a certificate of completion.

                    Virtual Clinics:  We provide all virtual coursework materials, including booklets, quizzes, video modules        of  movement breakdowns, and a certificate of completion. Please note- the virtual clinics does not provide any Pilates equipment.

Pricing: In-person pricing- varies from $499- $1,299 depending on the length of the clinic.

               Virtual Pricing - Varies from $299- $699 depending on the length of clinic and volume of materials.

How to Register: Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will reach out to answer any questions!

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